Time and Place: 1950’s USA

Screenshot from “Duck and Cover” film, a 1952 movie. The ‘Duck and Cover’ propaganda movie was probably one of the most famous of all the pieces of propaganda during the early stages of the cold war. It was targeted at school children and was intended to install the constant fear of a nuclear attack from the Soviets. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve recently finished the first draft of my second novel, “Under the Bed”. It’s set in New York in both 1969 and 1952. Time and place are integral to the story; the commonality between the two eras is anti-communism in the USA.  click here to read more…



2 thoughts on “Time and Place: 1950’s USA

  1. Ambitious, even for a well-documented era of history. Hats off.

    I enjoy historical fiction, though I’m not as thorough a researcher as one would have to be to write about a time period where those who lived through the age, and are likely to read the book, would catch every stumble.

    I write about my times and spaces (of which there have been innumerable places), those in my family’s past and future.

    Thanks for asking and sharing your work.

  2. Hi Sandra – Thanks so much for the comment – very encouraging – though it also made me nervous. In my writing group we always joke about -‘oh my fact checker will do that’ but of course, that is not yet the case. So I do have to be careful. I think as I move forward I’d like to be even more in depth in details than I am , but don’t for that exact reason. That said one has to give atmosphere and make it believably of it’s time.
    I can certainly see the appeal of not doing research and relying on your own and your family’s experiences – I love your phrase ‘and future’. Now you have really caught my attention!

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